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17 September 1986
Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
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Sandown High School - Sandown England - Isle of Wight UK (2000 - 2005)
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A new year, a new me.

22 year old male specimen here. Moved to Portsmouth in October of 2006, and morerecently have moved in with my lovely girlfriend Kazz in the backwards town of Chertsey! Life away from home is scary!

I've just got a job so my spare time will be more limited, but in it I like to see friends, play DDR and similar music games, read big books, do maths, play CCGs, play video games, and watch anime/read manga/attend anime conventions. You'll also see me a lot around DDRUK and any events they do, as I've managed to shuffle my way into working with the awesome lot they are nowadays, and organising the UK DDR Tournament scene!

This journal is just about me, my life, my struggle, and all the other drama you'd expect from someone's personal LJ. What I do, the occasional rant or angst, small victories when I get laid/complete a game/something else.

Yeah. Have fun!