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The fantasically mundane life of Wildfireskunk
Nintendo @ E3 
15th-Jul-2008 06:32 pm
Well, as a hardcore Nintedo Gamer, and longtime fanboy I must say their press conference was pretty damn disappointing in terms of stuff for the hardcore gamer. But along those same lines, who expected Nintendo to focus a huge amount of their efforts on the hardcore gamer when the Wii was released? It's a gimmicky console from the word go, and the controller is basically made for party games (imagine going through Final Fantasy 7 and having to swing the Wiimote around like a loon for 50 hours of gameplay!).

Still, there were some highlights to the rather bland set.

- Animal Crossing Wii
- WiiSpeak (Microphone for the Wii, as if you couldn't guess!)
- GTA ChinaTown for the DS
- True control for the wiimote via a new addon that actually gives the user 1:1 control.
- COD:WAW. Online multiplayer? :3
- "The Reginator!"

... Yeah. Talking about sales, and how you've netting a huge casual market for your console unfortunately seems to leave little time for big announcements. No new changes to the Wii Home, no HDD addon or other solution to the storage problem, no news on new Zelda/Kid Icarus/Mario, hell not even anything on new channels or innovative uses for Miis. The list is quite large, and although E3 isn't over yet, you'd have thought that if they'd have had anything big they'd have shown it in their main goddamn conference. Imagine if Microsoft hadn't mentioned the fact their getting FFXIII in the conference yesterday, and instead tacked it on at the end of a later panel tomorrow.

And also, whilst I'm annoyed at them I'll say that although yeah I'm glad we have Wii speak and proper motion control, WHY WAS IT NOT THERE AT RELEASE! Comon, making a microphone a big part of your main E3 conference speech? Really Nintendo? Is this the kind of innovation I've followed you for 13 years for?

Other than Wii Sports Resort, a huge part of their focus was on Wii Music. Being a music game faggot I'm possibly giving a slightly jaded opinion here, but when I could go and buy Rock Band and have a full drumkit, microphone, and 2 Guitar controllers which I can use to play literally hundreds of popular musical tracks from the last 30 years... Why would I buy a game which involves holding the wiimote in vaguely instrument shaped ways and pressing buttons when and as you wish?

GODDAMN YOU NINTENDO! I'm glad I have a 360 as well as my Wii :( -pets the poor neglected console-
15th-Jul-2008 06:11 pm (UTC)
You'd think that they would have announced more third party games... I mean, Isn't a remake of FF4 on the way, as well as Chrono Trigger? As for the Wii stuff, I was only impressed by animal Crossing, but it's not like that was inevitable or anything. Most displeased. I'm also hoping that Wii Speak will be compatible with all Wii games. >.<
15th-Jul-2008 06:20 pm (UTC)
Chrono Trigger is out there, as is Icarus, and many other big titles, but they've just not said anything about it. They focussed all their time showing off casual games and not showing anything for those of us who want games which you don't just sit down and play for 5 minutes whilst you're deciding what to stick into your 360.

I blame Microsoft for storming in with all their news in theirs, and thus making this one look balls. Although it's not just that as Nintendo didn't show enough of their popular franchises (Wii _____ does NOT count)
16th-Jul-2008 07:53 am (UTC)
Your shocked by nintendos bullshit? They don't care about the guys who stuck with them all these years, the wii is overrated and boring unless you have tons of free time, money and friends with freetime as well.
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